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Do you want to grow your business? Are you struggling to know what marketing you need, or is working? 

We can help you filter through the noise and create an effective and measured digital marketing strategy to start growing your business.

We are specialists in websites designed to convert, ecommerce stores to sell your products online and digital marketing strategies to drive conversions. We’re constantly innovating and learning, bringing you the latest and most effective marketing options available.

Our services are end-to-end, so you can be confident that you have everything in place for an effective digital presence. We’re honest and won’t sell you what you don’t need – but we’ll be straight up with you on what you do need.

Our friendly helpful service starts with a chat – about what you have and what you want to achieve. We’ll then tailor a solution to fit you and your business. We understand that the web can be very confusing and intimidating and try to use easy terms that you can understand.

So give us a call and we can chat about how we can grow your business

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Anna Hayes
Anna Hayes
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Member Reviews

It was fortuitous that Anna joined The Networkers Papanui group when she did as I was looking for some assistance with my website.

Anna is highly skilled in WordPress and has been able to assist a number of members with their websites.

I've been very impressed with the timeliness of her output and the speed at grasping what I was seeking in my website.

If you are looking for expert advice for your next website, I'd highly recommend that you have a chat with Anna.

I needed someone to set me up on MAilchimp as soon as possible and Anna was the woman for the job. She responded to me promptly and in the format I needed. She advised me what I was required to do from my end and took care of all the technical stuff I had neither the time nor inclination to do myself. I got my first newsletter sent within 2 weeks or contacting her and she has shown me how to take care of my database and future newsletters myself. Anna is an affordable, available and reliable investment for your business.