Marshall Builders - Lilly Minnich

Make your existing house or new build a home worth loving!

Marshall Builders is run by Steve Marshall, a Licensed Building Practitioner operating across Nelson and Richmond. Lilly Minnich is the general manager and responsible for project management, finances, Human Resources and interior design.

We offer a wide variety of building, renovation and custom carpentry services while focusing on high-quality work and great communication.

What our clients say they appreciate the most about working with us at Marshall Builders, is working with someone who is easy to communicate with, being able to understand exactly what they want and how to provide it.

Also, the fact that we offer unique and out-of-the-box design options that they are unable to receive from corporate house construction companies who only offer kit-set solutions is definitely a bonus!

Renovation and construction projects of any shape or size take time and plenty of emotional/mental energy, so good communication from a friendly and skilled team is essential to getting the results you need!


Lilly Minnich
Lilly Minnich
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17 Bird Lane,
Nelson 7025
New Zealand