Plan & Protect Ltd - Andy Pender

Andy is a people person in every sense of the word. He loves to learn about them by hearing their stories, and has a passion for tailoring insurance products to best safeguard their futures and look after their loved ones. 

As an airline pilot for 12 years (before COVID recently curtailed his aviation career) Andy is accustomed to huge responsibility, hard work and creating solutions. He took advantage of this unexpected career juncture and climbed into the personal insurance world; a natural calling having assisted his aviation colleagues for a number of years while holding the role of Medical & Welfare Director for the NZ Airline Pilots' Association. 

You are your biggest asset, and we are there to help you protect that.

We provide cover to suit your needs through all of the major insurers, and when it comes to claim time, we are there to help you through it as well. We can negotiate the tricky road of insurance policy wordings on your behalf to ensure that you understand the cover that you have, and it will work as you expect

Lets catch up and discuss how Andy can help you look after what's important to you and your family. No obligation, He'll even buy the coffee.