Ray White - Ian Trenberth

Highly motivated, Ian will adapt his service to meet your needs.


Ian understands that not every person wants the same result, and a single method doesn't suit every person, or every property, location or time of year.


Ian came to the great south from a rural background in a small and isolated community in the North Island where he learned the value of hard work, honesty and appreciating the people he dealt with day to day. 


He has been a high performing and competitive sportsperson his entire life, transferring this trait into real estate was a natural transition. Ian's experience has taught him exceptional time management, communication and networking skills beyond his years.


Ian is achieving fantastic results for his vendors and the feedback coming in about his service is world class. No job too big or too small, Ian will cater to your needs.


Keep your eyes and ears peeled, you will likely see or hear of him in your community soon, or you can pick up the phone and give him a call today.

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Ian Trenberth
Ian Trenberth
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Unit E5
1 Radcliffe Road
Christchurch 8051
New Zealand