About The Networkers

The Networkers is a heart based organisation whose purpose is to support and be of service to its members and their local community.

We keep our core values at the centre of all our interactions:

  • We do what we say.
  • We create opportunities for everyone.
  • We give you a voice.
  • We’re fun to be with.

We have weekly group meetings in many areas in New Zealand using our unique Networkers® NZ meeting format. Under the group Facilitator’s guidance, we have group sharing; informative presentations which are followed by small table discussions where 4-6 people talk for 4-5 minutes each about the successes and challenges that they are experiencing.


 If you’d like to come and visit to see what we’re about then request a  visit and we’ll get back to you to see which group will fit best for you.

As a Social Enterprise we encourage strong relationships between each group and the local community, while gifting a charity membership in each group to support local non-profit and charitable organisations. 

Our organisational structure consists of:

  • An Advisory Board
  • Regional Franchise Partners
  • Group Facilitators
  • Members

Maria Gold is the creative force behind The Networkers® NZ. To find out more about Maria’s journey and passion check out the Message from Founding Director page.

We are always looking for the right people to join our team to add value to local business owners throughout New Zealand. If you are interested in knowing more, check out our regional Franchise Partner and local Facilitator opportunities 

Advisory Board

The purpose of our Advisory Board is to keep The Networkers true to our values and purpose; to advise on direction; expansion and new initiatives.

We are both privileged and honoured to have a group of outstanding, dedicated Members on our Advisory Board. They are all successful business owners, keen Networkers and have a strong sense of community.

Their diversity; expertise; entrepreneurial ideas and advice continues to assist The Networkers to be flexible, adaptable and sustainable within the New Zealand’s business community.

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