two people exchanging business cards in an awkward way at a networking event

Networking Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Business networking is an essential skill for any professional or business owner looking to connect with others and build their businesses. Although it is often overlooked as an “easy soft skill”, there are some common mistakes that can limit the success of your networking efforts. In this blog, we’ll look

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Work-Life Balance: 7 Ways to Create a Balanced Life

With today’s technology, it’s harder than ever to leave work at the office. It’s almost expected that you’ll be able to access your work from home and that you’ll be reachable by your colleagues and/or clients. Work-life balance is more than just leaving work at the office, it’s about finding

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a sign reading recession ahead with two arrows representing and increase and a decrease in profit

A Recession-Proof Way to Position Your Business to Thrive

The last few years have been incredibly interesting for the New Zealand economy, from the pandemic and following lockdowns to the natural disasters and war that have contributed to the rising cost of living. In the face of adversity, we’ve had to be resilient, innovative, flexible, and compassionate. New Zealand

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two employees standing in front of an illustration that portrays their networks

4 Great Reasons to Get Your Employees to Join a Networking Group

Business networking is often seen as something for business owners, partners, or managers – people that are higher up on the hierarchical chain of business. However, networking is a key skill to learn for all business people, whether they’re business owners, sole-traders, or employees.

So, why should you encourage your

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a woman weight up symbols that represent effective networking through selling vs sharing.

Sharing vs Selling – The Key to Effective Networking

Many people believe that business networking is all about the hard sell. There is a stereotype that networking is a group of professionals sitting around in their suits and ties, just trying to sell, sell, sell. The thought of going into a setting like that can be quite intimidating as

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