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Mental Health In Business: 5 Simple Ways Business Networking Can Help

Mental Health In Business: 5 Simple Ways Business Networking Can Help

According to a 2019 report done by The Mental Health Foundation 25% of self employed people and 44% of small business leaders say running a small business has negatively affected their mental or physical health. And, after a facing the challenges of a global pandemic that number has likely increased. There are many stresses, challenges, and demands that are unique to running a small business that many people don’t understand. There’s the normal work stressors of just doing a good job for your clients, PLUS all the finances, marketing, HR, and actually finding the clients. Not to mention managing your time so that you can enjoy the rest of your life when you aren’t working.

Joining a business networking group can help your mental health by providing you with a community that can support you in this journey. 

Reduces Isolation

Working in a small business and as a sole trader can be quite isolating. Belonging to a business networking group and simply having a reason to get out of the house or office to meet with other people is great for your mental health. The change of scenery is important as it gets you out of your normal schedule and meeting other people gives you a sense of connection and comradery that you might not have otherwise had.

Build Your Connections

Connection and social interaction are the simplest ways to improve your mental health. Having a small business can be stressful and sometimes those that are closest to you don’t understand the challenges that you face. Being able to get together with like-minded business people can give you a sense of community in a supportive and understanding environment. You’re able to find friends, mentors, and other business people who can give you perspective on your business, help with the challenges you’re facing, guide you with your growth, and just be there to support you.

It’s a Safe and Positive Environment

Business networking groups strive to be inclusive, positive, and supportive spaces. Providing a platform where members can express ideas, show emotions, and build encouraging relationships. Being able to talk openly about the successes, challenges, and opportunities that are happening in your business, and having people to understand and support you can positively impact your mental health. We’ve seen it in meetings where someone has shared something big, whether that be personally or in their business. And we always see the group come together and surround that person with support.

You’ll Learn and Grow

When you engage with other members of the group, there are always opportunities to learn and grow.  During presentations you’ll learn more about them, their business, and what they offer. And when you’re networking you’ll find that you’ll be able to learn about them and ask questions that relate to what you need in your business and/or personal life.

You Can Help Others

And once you have the knowledge and support for your business, you can give back to others that are where you once were. Giving back is one easy way to boost your mental health. It can open your mind, giving you a fresh perspective into your situation which reduces your negative thought pattern. It also boosts your feel-good chemicals, which decreases stress and gives you a rush which is often called the “Helpers High”.

Running a small business can be stressful, challenging, and isolating. Dealing with all this can have negative effects on your mental health. Joining a business networking group can help by providing you with a safe and positive community where you can grow and flourish. 

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