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Create a Winning 15 Minute Presentation

Part of The Networkers® meeting schedule involves a 15-minute presentation from a member. Now, don’t let this one thing hold you back from coming along to one of our meetings. You don’t have to do one if you don’t feel comfortable. However, our groups are safe, non-judgemental spaces where you can learn how to give an effective presentation, in a supportive environment. Here are five ways you can create a winning 15-minute presentation:

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

Some of the best presentations we’ve heard started with an introduction to the person, especially if that intro is a little funny. It’s always nice to know who you’re doing business with and who you’re referring people to. 

Allowing the group to get to know you a bit better helps to build trust, and also opens the door to better connections. The more other members get to know you, the more they understand who you will work well with, and will feel more comfortable referring you to them. 

Things you might like to mention include: where you were born, schooling, hobbies, or how you got into your industry.

Keep your Presentation Focussed

Picking one part of your business to hero in each presentation makes everyone’s lives easier. For you, it makes it easier to create your presentation because you only have to think about one thing. It also, theoretically, makes keeping to the 15-minute time slot easier. For the group, it makes it easier to keep track of and fully comprehend what you’re talking about. Focusing on one topic and delving deeper into it helps you to teach the group and deliver some real value in your 15-minute slot. This also helps to build trust because people can see that you really know your stuff. 

Topics that you might like to talk about: an overview of the company, take us through a specific process or service you offer, or doing a quiz to make everyone think.

Use Realistic Examples

Using examples helps people to put your products or services into context, even for something that’s considered “normal”. Everyone thinks they know what lawyers do, but taking the group through an example of the legal process of buying a house helps them to understand to a greater level. If you’re going to be telling your group about a case study or a client experience, please make sure you’re not breaking any sort of client confidentiality. You can use examples and change names or just make up a story that could happen in real life. 

Be Relevant

A presentation’s always more engaging when it’s relevant to the current climate – like recent law changes or industry news – or to the group itself. When your group is engaged, they’ll ask more questions, pay more attention and, in the end, be more educated about what you actually do. Doing this also demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about, as you can create a presentation that is personalised to the group’s wants and needs. If you decide to do this, perhaps ask the group if they have anything specific they would like you to talk about a week or so before you are scheduled to do your presentation.

Be Authentically Yourself

Doing a presentation shouldn’t be a big deal! Everyone in the room is there to support you and your business. So take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to show them who you are!

Thinking about giving your first presentation might feel stressful or difficult. But it gets easier the more you do it. And once you get used to it, you can have some fun with it.

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