Founding Director

I’m Maria Gold, the creative force behind The Networkers NZ. I currently also serve as its Director.

I have always believed that everyone possesses the ability to achieve greatness, to conquer their challenges, and become a better version of themselves. This belief is what led me to create The Networkers NZ in 2016.

Before The Networkers, when I first started out in business, I struggled. It was hard to find people who genuinely understood the problems, questions, and challenges that I, and many other business owners, faced. It was lonely and I often felt lost and tempted to give up.

That all changed once I attended my first networking group. For I quickly realized that I was surrounded by people who understood the challenges of the business journey.

As my passion grew for networking, I discovered a need for a networking organisation with a difference. One that was heart-based and purely about supporting the business community through their journeys. One that is a caring local community, that is a safe place for entrepreneurs to exist and get the support, advice, and guidance they need.

This profound experience gave me the vision to start and grow The Networkers nationwide into cities, small towns and anywhere else where there was a need for a heart-based business community. 

I feel privileged that The Networkers has enabled me to walk beside many business owners and businesspeople, watching them step up and evolve in both their personal and professional lives. I have witnessed the innate power that support, perspective, shared knowledge, and experiences brings and helps each entrepreneur as they navigate their business journey.

The Networkers NZ are an empowering group of like-minded people who understand your problems, build genuine relationships, and walk with you on your journey to personal and professional growth. We thrive on genuine connections, supportive relationships, and a deep commitment to nurturing every member towards personal and professional growth. As Networkers, we walk together in our business journey, building strong bonds where everybody benefits.

If you would like to visit or build a group in your area, get in touch as I’d love to connect with you.

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