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What is a Business Networking Group?

A business networking group is a community of businesspeople that get together to support each other. This support comes in many forms, giving referrals, creating synergies, teaching valuable information about their industry, listening to the challenges of others, and giving helpful insights.

Why do people join networking groups?

People join networking groups for many reasons. Many people come to get new qualified leads through referrals or to build synergies with other members that result in referrals. Some people join because it gives them a community that relates to the ups and downs of business life.

We have some blogs that cover this in more depth:

Can anyone join a group at The Networkers® NZ?

We welcome people from all forms of employment – it doesn’t matter if you are self-employed, employed, business owners, or partners, you’re more than welcome at The Networkers® NZ. Our members are expected to uphold our code of conduct and values. (T&Cs)

Your membership to a group covers one industry.

We have a one person per industry rule. Which means we would only have one real estate agent or accountant per group. This allows you to create relationships with people from outside of your area of expertise, build synergies with those that are adjacent to your industry, and can be fully supported through your whole business journey.

If you’re interested in joining a group which already has someone in your industry, we can work with you to find another group, or put you on a waitlist to be contacted in the future when a position opens, or a new group starts.

How do I join The Networkers® NZ?

The first step is coming along to visit a group! You can register to visit here

You’ll get a call from a local representative of The Networkers® NZ, to introduce themselves, learn a little about you, discuss networking, and match you to the group that would be best suited to you. We schedule a suitable meeting day with you, send you an invitation and add you to our online directory as a visitor to reserve your position within the group.

You get to enjoy our meeting for two weeks free to see if it’s a fit for you, your business and if it works for you. If you like it, let us or your facilitator know, and we’ll get you all set up as a member!

Easy as that!

What is the attendance expectation of joining The Networkers® NZ groups?

We understand that sometimes life happens, and that you can’t always make it to your networking group so we ask you to put in an apology when you can’t attend. However, as a business owner who is committed to being successful, an 80-90% attendance is encouraged so you can continue to develop relationships and commit to other members within your group.

If you’re a busy person, we recommend trying to make at least every second meeting, or working in tandem with someone else in your office so your business has a regular representation at the meeting.

What makes The Networkers® NZ different from other networking organisations?

Being a heart-based organisation, we operate to support, care for and be of service to our members while keeping our core values at the centre of all our interactions.

As a Social Enterprize we encourage strong relationships between each group and its local community. Having a gifted charity membership in each group supports a local not-for-profile organisation and encourages that group to work with them in supportive and fundraising activities.

Our facilitators are local businesspeople who understand their local area and are passionate and integrated within that community.

What can I expect when I first attend a meeting?

Our Facilitator will greet you; introduce you to members and suggest you sit at a small table with other people who will look after you. They will facilitate the meeting with the help of our PowerPoint, introducing you and giving clear instructions on the meeting format in an inclusive manner.

Our unique meeting format is used at all meetings under the guidance of the group Facilitator. The first half of the meetings starts with an introduction and group sharing followed by an informative presentation/activity from a member. But it’s in the second half that the magic happens; the group is split into smaller groups of 4-6 people, and everyone gets 4-5 minute to talk about their business. What they choose to talk about is up to them, they could talk about a specific product or service, something they’re working on, a challenge they’re having, comments around the presentation, or simply what’s been happening in their week.

All in all, it’s a very natural and genuine approach to networking.

How much is a membership of The Networkers® NZ?

We pride ourselves in having very flexible membership options to ensure that it is easy and affordable for all types of businesses.

Membership to our groups works out to be $600 + GST per year.
We have 4 different payment options to suit the needs of all our members:

  • Monthly ($50 +GST) – the preferred option of many of our members
  • 3 Monthly ($150 +GST)
  • 6 Monthly ($300 + GST)
  • Yearly ($600 +GST)

We ask that our members set up an automatic payment so they have full control of their membership, should their circumstances change (giving 1 months paid notice).

If you have any other questions or need clarity, please feel free to call us.


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