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Genuine Connection During Challenging Times

2020 has been pretty hectic, and it’s only March!

We understand that people may be feeling pretty hopeless and isolated. But in this troubled time, the most important thing to do is stay connected with others in your community. 

Humans are social creatures. Historically we’ve always stuck together, in large communities and small family groups. It’s how we have survived. The rise of technology has made it easier to do our jobs, live our lives more easily, and connect with people from all over the world.

This is why we’re so glad to have the option of virtual, online meetings in this time of stress.

What does connection mean to us at The Networkers®?

Everyone at The Networkers® believes in connection- it’s what networking is all about. The way we do it is by connecting people with opportunities. So what does that mean? Well in essence, it means connecting people with other people in the hopes that they can create opportunities together. Whether those be business opportunities or social opportunities is really up to them.

The Networkers® is a heart based organisation and our goal is to help people and their businesses thrive. We do this by being available to our members and listening to their needs, which means that if someone is doing it tough, we look after them. It brings us a great sense of joy to hear about the support and sense of community people get from attending our meetings.

Our facilitators are passionate about finding opportunities for their members by giving them a platform to build caring and meaningful relationships. The format of our meetings gives our members the space to build trust by sharing their ups and downs, lending a helping hand, and learning from each other.

Connection is the currency that makes the world go ‘round. If you’re concerned about what the recent Government Updates might mean for your business, please don’t feel like you have to pull back from your networking activities- this is an uncertain time for everyone and we could all use a shoulder to lean on.

So remember: this will pass, and if we work together and be nice to each other we can make the time much more bearable.

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