three images to show ways to give back. Giving back by donating, giving back with time, and giving back with money.

4 Ways You to Give The Gift of Giving Back in Business

Would you agree that you went into business to help people? Whether that is through financial, health, business, or other means, part of your goal is to help your clients. For many of us, being in business is also a way to help people that aren’t our clients by giving back to the community. We’ve compiled four different ways to give back: some that involve money, and others that just involve your time.

Giving Back By Donating

When people talk about giving back, donating directly to charities is one of the things that comes to mind. There are over 28,0001 charities in New Zealand that are all in need of money to support their clients. If you know of charities that sit with your values, and your business can afford it, donate to them. As well as the good you’ll be doing, customers like to know that you care about the community and like to do business with businesses that give back.2,3

There are two ways to structure your donations; you can donate a single amount, or make a continuous stream of donations. There are a lot of companies that donate a certain amount from each sale to a charity. We’ve found a few companies that you can partner with to give ongoing support. There are big international organisations like B1G1, and local organisations like Upstream or One Percent Collective. You could also get in contact with your chosen charity to see if they offer similar partnerships.

1(SOURCE As of 22 August 2022)

Giving Back By Fundraising

If you prefer not to donate directly, or want to create a bigger impact, how about organising a fundraiser for your chosen charity? In 2019 The Networkers organised two fundraisers – a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to support the Breast Cancer Foundation and a Blue Do to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. It’s a great way to raise funds for a cause. Some charities have fundraising platforms where they collect the money, whereas for others you may have to collect cash or use a platform like givealittle. 

There’s heaps of ways to fundraise including: hosting a breakfast or dinner, shaving your head, physical activity like walking a large number of kilometres, or selling items or food that you’ve made.

Giving Back Through Sponsorship

Another way to do some good in your local community would be to consider sponsoring a non-profit organisation – like sports clubs, schools and community events. Even our professional rugby teams and TV shows have sponsors! Community organisations often have running costs that far exceed the amount of money that they can get from other funding revenues. In return for sponsorship they have the ability to market your business through logo placement, newsletters, and other advertising, which will in turn result in enquiries for your business.

Giving Back By Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to give back without making a financial donation. Most charities don’t have enough people to get all the necessary work done, leaving the people running the place overworked and stressed. Spending time in an environment where you can support a cause that you believe in is pretty rewarding and helps you appreciate what you have. Consider giving staff some time off for their chosen cause, or organising a volunteering activity for the office. It’s a great way to build team morale and to show them you care. 

There are many ways that you could volunteer; from cooking food for those in need, spending time at an animal shelter, tutoring children, planting native trees, or even giving blood. Taking some time out of your day to help someone in their business counts too, the main thing is to share your time, passion, and knowledge with others.

Giving back to your community doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Many not for profits and charities are crying out for help. If you have a charity or cause that means something to you, get in touch with them to see how you can help.

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