Darfield Business Networking Group

Wednesday 09:15am

Meeting day & time
Wednesday 09:15am

Dalethorpe House - The Cafe
51 South Terrace

Ann-Maree Ozanne
021 215 0981

Ann-Maree Ozanne leads the 9.15am Darfield Networkers, a Selwyn district, Darfield group. As a local who works across the road, she is passionate about supporting local business owners and facilitates a group that allows those working in Darfield (and the surrounding areas) to come together on a weekly basis and build an amazing local business community.

Bring your business out into the Darfield community with people who care. Come to the table with your passion, experiences, questions and opportunities and we’re sure you’ll find someone to connect.

The Darfield Networkers are strongly focused into giving each other opportunities and developing incredible synergies which benefit everyone. They are motivated to learn, thrive and support each other to be successful in every aspect of their businesses.

We have discovered that people who choose to live and do business in Darfield & the surrounding Selwyn region are passionate about their community, strongly integrated within it and have a desire to enhance and add value to it.

If you'd like to be part of a community of passionate, caring business owners come join us by requesting a visit and we’ll be in contact as we'd love to meet you.

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