Oxford Business Networking group

Monday 09:30am

Meeting day & time
Monday 09:30am

Cafe 51 Oxford
51 Main Road

Lorinda Harrington
027 242 3211

Are you a local business owner working from home ?

Would you appreciate a weekly meeting over coffee to discuss your challenges and successes?

Lorinda is a local Oxford resident of 17+ years and a business owner. She wishes to lead and bring together local business owners so they can support each other; build relationships and develop close synergies within the local area.

As people who choose to live and work in Oxford and North Canterbury, there is a strong sense of pride and connection with a commonality of wanting to contribute and add value to the local area.

If you're in business in Oxford or within the Selwyn - Waimakariri - Canterbury area, then come and join us. All it will cost you is a cup of coffee while you evaluate if this is for you.

Request a visit and we'll be in contact - as we'd love to meet you.

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