Rangiora Business Networking Group

Wednesday 09:30am

Meeting day & time
Wednesday 09:30am

Monteith's Brewery Bar
75 Victoria Street
Conway Lane

Mark Scown
027 531 0611

Mark comes from a long history of empowering and managing people in the education sector. His honest, humorous yet professional approach allows him to naturally build solid relationships and encourage people to give their best.  

Our weekly meetings are informative, positive, and structured, giving members the space to connect, learn and share easily with like-minded people.
Genuine relationships and an excitement about developing solid opportunities for each other, is a common theme within this group. Members feel that taking time out of their busy week to focus and work on their businesses, is an essential component to being successful.

As people who choose to live and work in North Canterbury, there is a strong sense of pride and connection with a commonality of wanting to contribute and add value to this area.

If you're in business within the North Canterbury area, then come and join us. All it will cost you is a cup of coffee. Request a visit and we'll be in contact as we'd love to meet you.

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