Thursday 9.30am - Ferrymead Business Networking Group

Ferrymead Networkers


Dayle Hunt leads the "Ferrymead Networkers" and brings a multitude of skills into play.

Being a performer, a life mechanic and a motivating, caring person Dayle brings both excitement and fun to this group.

This group will give you the opportunity to build relationships, grow your business skills and be challenged on how to fine-tune yourself to perform at your optimum level.

By spending an hour every week networking and focusing on your business amongst positive, motivated business owners you tend to gain valuable insights into your business and how to increase its performance.

Members assist each other with support, advice and as trustworthy relationships build by recommending each other appropriately to their contacts

Would you like to increase your business performance?

If this sounds like you, then complete our visit us Form and we'll be in contact -  as we'd love to meet you.



Meeting day & time
Thursday 9.30am to 10.30am

CBK Ferrymead
23 Humphreys Drive,
Christchurch 8023
New Zealand


Dayle Hunt

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