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Elise specialises in providing sound advice in regard to business strategy; mortgages, finance and lifestyle insurance solutions. 

She prides herself on getting the best outcomes for her clients whether it be in purchasing your first home, buying an investment property, or protecting yourself or those close to you.

With a wealth of knowledge in business, including previously running a building company, Elise backs up her insurance advice with real experience.

Elise lives in Lyttelton with her partner Sarah. While restoring an "as is, where is" villa, Elise is very aware of the mortgage market in Christchurch.

Get in touch to have Elise on your side. 

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Elise Vine
Elise Vine
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Member Reviews

Elise and Building on Basics partners with you for the long game, she isn't in it to make a quick buck like many in the financial game, and truly values her customers as client's for life - focused on your long term financial success in being able to actively realise your goals!!

Having worked with Elise for almost 3 years, she has helped with practical and pragmatic coaching paired with careful financial planning through the toughest period of my life after closing a business. It was her belief in me when I didn't even believe in myself that I've been able to rebuild and able to go back into business for myself.