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Have you ever wondered if you could 'change your mind'? That's what I do, I help people, like you to change their mind about ... well almost anything! Success, abundance, love, relationships, career, health, fears and anxieties, you name it...

Hello I'm Murray Carter and I'm a MindCoach with FuturePath.

In the late 90's I was National Sales Manager for a multi-national company. In fact, they were the largest recruitment company on the planet. For two years I lived out of a suitcase visiting 12 branches on a 90 day rotation plus monthly visits to Melbourne and Christchurch (I was based in Auckland) and Wellington fortnightly. But here's the thing, all members of my team had the same training, access to the same resources and regular client visits with me and yet...

Some of my team would exceed budget, month in and month out. Other team members would just reach target and a small number would really struggle. I wanted to know why the results were so diverse when, all things being equal (training, resources etc) you would imagine that the results would be roughly similar, yet they weren't. And I wanted to know why!

I got a clue when I was interviewing a team member. She said that it was like living life with the 'hand brake' on and not knowing what the hand brake is. I wanted to know more about how the mind works and in 2004 enrolled in a hypnotherapy training course. It was 135 hours of classroom study plus 50 hours of home study. Our intake of 12 included an orthopaedic surgeon and a dentist so I knew I had made the right decision. [I'm a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis NZ].

Fast forward to 2016... I've been working pretty much full time as a MindCoach since 1 April 2014 and loving it! Seeing people making positive changes in their life is truly inspiring! In addition, I've been having a heck of a lot of fun facilitating The Networkers Sydenham and Papanui.

Patria and I got married in 2013 and our Beagle/Fox Terrier/Staffie dog 'Buddy' completes our family. I've got 3 adult children; Simon who has recently gone out on his own as Carter Consultants specialising in Retail and Event Strategy. My twin Daughters are Sophie, who is a Solicitor at Wynn Williams, and Laura, who is currently at home looking after beautiful baby Ell.

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Member Reviews

Murray provides a wonderful service with his hypnotherapy and does so in a warm and effective way. He knows how to provide a safe platform encouraging the user to talk deeply about their issues so that changes can follow. Murray is professional, kind and very experienced. I fully recommend Murray to anyone wanting to grow either professionally or personally.

A HUGE thanks to Murray for the session I had with him. I have come away from this session with a new focus on life and a level of calm & stillness in my mind that I haven't had for quite sometime. Murray is a true professional and he really cares about his clients. If you have some obstacles in your life that you are struggling to overcome, I would recommend without hesitation that you make an appointment with Murray.