MindPro Animal Behaviour - Deborah Chadoutaud Maslet

Deborah is a professional dog trainer, owner of Mind Pro which helps dog owners train their dogs on how to be well behaved. She teaches owners who struggle with their dog’s behavioural issues, the secrets to have a dog that listens.

Deborah had the chance to participate in a high training animal course which included a range of different animals. Having completed the diploma of Agricultural Technician Certificate, Option Management and Protection of Nature, Nature Animation speciality in 2010 she then completed the respectful to dogs, National Diploma Patent Professional Dog Training in France in 2011 and in 2013 a Diploma of Intervener in Animal Behaviour. She continues on-going education by attending yearly conferences and online courses with the best trainers in the world to keep up with the new techniques and researches.

Now Deborah can help you save time, effort and pain, trying to figure out the right way to train.
She only teaches practical, proven steps about things like how to:

  • call back your dog,
  • have your dog walking nicely,
  • make your dog listen under distraction,
  • change your dog's bad behaviours 
  • have a happy dog and
  • have the ideal dog you wish to have.

Deborah offers

A Free Consultation:

This meeting is to get to know your pet in his or her environment, with your family and to find out what causes the issues you may be facing.

  • Comfortable and familiar environment for your pet
  • 1 to 2 hour consultation
  • Tailored packages

Basic Training:

Just got a new dog? Start on the right foot. Learn the basics to have a happy life with your dog.

Behaviour Modification:

Do you wish to change your animal behaviour but don't know how? Let me be your coach and change it to something enjoyable.

Mental Stimulation:

"Mental exercise is more tiring than physical exercise!" Let your animal get smart while having fun, when you are busy out and about.

Custom Training Programs:

Made for you! Programmes to fit around your animal, your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Email or call today to tell Deborah about your dog's issues!