Nutrimetics - Helen Parris

Helen works with Nutrimetics, which is more than just a beauty company.

They are a supportive community dedicated to the empowerment of others. Everything Nutrimetics does stems from inspiring people to look and feel their most confident. They are here to help you achieve your goals, however big or small, so you can live life to the fullest.

A bit about Nutrimetics ..

  1. NATURALLY ENRICHED - We've been keeping it natural since 1968
  2. CRUELTY FREE - We use plant-based extracts and we never test on animals
  3. HOMEGROWN BEAUTY - Our skincare is designed in Australia and made in New Zealand
  4. TRUSTED FOR OVER 50 YEARS - People love our heritage and shop with us for life
  5. 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Enjoy easy returns within 60 days (with proof of purchase)

To engage in a Nutrimetics experience…

  • Choose your home treatment - From express facials and mini pampers, to full colour makeovers and deluxe skin treatments, we come to you and make you feel amazing. We tailor every treatment, just for you and your friends.
  • Book a Nutrimetics girl’s night and be pampered with beautiful treatments at home. Plus, you’ll save with exclusive discounts and you’ll be rewarded with FREE beauty gifts.
  • We reward you for being a hostess.

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