Resure - Jordan Clemence

For Jordan, it’s not about paying lip service to customer service; it’s about doing what you say you are going to do – and then some.

Over the years in the industry, Jordan’s proven himself a claims champ – establishing relationships with dedicated claims people at each of the insurers and working with clients through the entire lifespan of their insurance; especially when it’s most critical.

He’s founded Resure to continue building on his personal mandate of exceptional customer experiences, an unwavering client focus and tireless commitment to the best client outcomes.

Insurance is about reassurance – it’s about the peace of mind that knowing your family, business, and the things you care most about are covered, no matter the circumstances.

Whether you’re trying to navigate what you need and negotiate the best terms and prices, it’s time for an insurance review because something in your situation has changed, or you want someone to go into battle for you or take your pain away at claim time, Jordan will to help.

If you’d like an independent broker who will help tailor a service and solution to your individual needs, then get in touch with Jordan today.