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  • Great group for business networking. Friendly, social and great for meeting other business from sole traders to larger organisations.
    Paul Petch
  • A wonderful group of people who meet weekly with interesting speakers. We get to talk for a few minutes about our own business as well. A great way to get your business name out there. Highly recommend
    Shiree Hembrow
  • Great way to start the morning.
    Dianne Whiteside
  • Great organization and a pleasure to be a part of the groups.
    Ben Johnson
  • Really enjoy being part of the Networkers group, have found it beneficial and helpful to my business. Highly recommended!
  • Great way to build working relationships and meet like minded people.
    Christine Gilliver
  • Thanks Maria for welcoming me into the Lincoln group. The feedback and support has helped me better define my brand and improve how I communicate my services. I have enjoyed the variety of people and empowering vibes. I look forward to doing my presentation and attending groups in a few more areas of Christchurch in 2020. - Monique Clow | Admin 4 Tradies
    Monique Clow
  • Great networking group. Friendly and certainly worthy of considering to join. Give them a call and visit the Networkers website. It is an opportunity to give your business a voice. Always looking for new members. They have a large number of other groups you can visit as a member. Which is a great way to promote your business.
    Murray Quartly
  • Great networking group. Friendly and certainly worthy of considering to join. Give them a call and visit the Networkers website. It is an opportunity to give your business a voice. Always looking for new members. They have a large number of other groups you can visit as a member. Which is a great way to promote your business.
    Murray Quartly
  • Great networking group. Friendly and certainly worthy of considering to join. Give them a call and visit the Networkers website. It is an opportunity to give your business a voice. Always looking for new members. They have a large number of other groups you can visit as a member. Which is a great way to promote your business.
    Murray Quartly
  • Highly recommend attending and becoming a member of The Networkers. Maria is amazing and introducing synergies and encouraging the promotion of your business. This networking is different to any other networking group I have attended. The professional and personal support I have received from the authentic people in these groups has been amazing. Do your business a favour and join The Networkers, your first month is free!
    Amber Arkell
  • The Networkers have been and have always been my "networking family". I am proud to have been with this organisation since its infancy and have watched it grow and flourish. My business has benefited by being part of this group as have I personally. Without the other members of the networkers I could not have developed DP Herbals as I have. The quality of its members and their services are incredible and as such I feel I have gained more than my membership fee. I have gained friends. It can be lonely doing business on your own - you NEED a group to support you. Networkers is friendly, effective and fun!
    Deirdre Panapa
  • I coerced, I mean gently advised, a client of mine to attend the Tower Junction Networkers Group at Spectators Cafe. He works nearby and he is nervous about talking in front of a group so I said you only have to talk to 4 or 5 people around a table. Well his first attendance achieved 2 confirmed sales, and he has 4 or 5 other very warm leads and is looking forward to going back. Now realistically that wont happen to everyone but unless you go you wont know.
    david fleming
  • It can be super nerve racking heading along to a group of people that you don't know! But the great thing about The Networkers meetings, there is NO need to be nervous, you are so warmly welcomed and everyone is so keen to help you feel good about being there as everyone wants everyone to succeed and get maximum benefit from the meetings! You connect, collaborate and make real connections with new and like minded people, who were also in the same boat when first coming along. I personally have not only met so many great people, but my business has benefited from learning new tips and tricks to actually getting more work and referrals than I ever thought would happen! It's so supportive and completely relaxed! The meetings are structured and informative, and you can network and connect to create further growth, not only on a personal level but on a business level too! So, in a nut shell, 5 stars easily from me, its a great thing to be apart of, and if you're still unsure - there is no need to be at all!!
    They also meet at cafes, so coffee is also a good thing!
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  • What a fantastic platform for business referrals and collaborations. I have been part of the Networkers for 6 months now and have been amazed by the support I get from other business owners and their willingness to share their knowledge. I love the atmosphere and look forward to my meeting every week and use it as a great tool to build my my business!
    Ellen van Ballegooij
  • I have been a member for the past two years. I have found this group to be an honest, fun, productive investment of my time and money. They are dedicated to helping people promote their business, and connecting people together for their mutual benefit. I have gained clients, knowledge, and friendship.
    Anna Dungey
  • excellent service
    Renee Parker
  • The Networkers community is so welcoming, after my trial month had ended i knew they where the group for me. Well directed meetings that stay on topic and drive businesses to communicate and help one another with a myriad of ideas flourishing every week. 10/10
    Dalton Dalley
  • The Networker's have help me grow myself along with my business. Light hearted yet structured meeting once a week help me get rid of the cob webs and find ways to improve if you are thinking of making new friend while growing your business the Networker's is the place to be
    Micks Mowing Service
  • I joined the Networkers in the hope of getting some referrals to help build my business
    What I have discovered is much more than I ever expected.
    Professional yet Fun, collaborative and engaging.
    I look forward to my meeting each week, sharing success, talking & working through challenges and making fantastic connections.
    Highly recommend that any small business builder considers joining a local Networkers group.
    zansie Maye
  • I have met a fabulous eclectic group of professionals at Networkers. All of them have been able to contribute to my business growth. I highly recommend Networkers as a place to find experts who have the potential to grow your business.
    Trish Lawrence
  • The networkers are a great group with the perfect balance of business networking and friendly support. Through the networkers i have built great relationships with businesses around me and feel i am supported in the business community.
    Nathan Brown
  • The meetings are friendly and really informative, I enjoy sharing business tips with other business people within the Christchurch area
    phyllis brown
  • I didn't realize how isolated I was in my business until I joined The Networkers Ltd. They are are fantastic group of people whom show interest in your business growth and development. Highly recommend joining.
    Joanne Winiata
  • When I went to my first Networkers meeting I was worried that I would find myself overwhelmed by high powered professionals. Instead, I found a group of friendly and supportive people who genuinely care as much about the success of others in the group as much as they do about their own. Thank you Networkers Merivale!
    Christine Gilliver
  • I have been part of The Networkers group for over 6 months and thoroughly enjoy networking with everyone
    Ben Johnson
  • A pleasure to be part of a fantastic group of like minded people - if you want to take your business to the next level visit a Networking group near you
    Kevin Johnson
  • The Networkers is a powerful way to increase your contacts and referrers. I have been involved with the group since its inception and have found that the quality of services is high as is the commitment of the group's members to helping each other's businesses grow. I highly recommend becoming a member of the group.
    Carol Hannagan
  • A great relaxed feel to the group with other forward thinking and business minded people. Making great connections and friends at the same time. Looking forward to starting a new year with them and I am really grateful to everyone for giving me advice and motivation when I need it. Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season <3
    Emma Cooper
  • Highly recommend The Networkers, as a small business owner it can be hard to know who to turn to when you need some help or advice, I have met so many amazing people in a range of different industries and now know if I ever have any problems I have so many people I can turn to that are so eager and willing to help in anyway they can, also being a small business owner can get lonely, it can be quite solitary and you don't always have people to talk to about business related matters, i don't have this issue anymore as I have a whole new business family, I just wonder why I didn't join sooner :)
    Terri Logan
  • Networking is a huge part of what I do so to be able to attend The Networkers is an incredible opportunity. I love how invested in helping Maria is and ensuring I'm given every opportunity to promote my business. It's friendly, fun and most of all offers a structured but not rigid way to meet like minded people
    Erika Jury
  • The Networkers NZ have become my go-to for any business information, whether I am working on growing my own business or seeking services from any other small business. The Networkers truly connect people with opportunities.
    Moira McDougall
  • More than Networking
    Being a sole trader, it sometimes can get a bit lonely not have peers to bounce ideas off. Networkers is so much more than just Networking, they are my business peers who I respect and trust, my sales team and my friends. I have gained so much self confidence with the support of the Networkers team and I thank you all for that. Being a member is a definite asset to any business - thanks
    Lynda Walters-Smith
  • I attend the Rangiora Networkers meetings and every week I enjoy the meetings for a variety of reasons. The speakers, learning about other businesses, practicing promoting my own business and the comradeship of the fellow networkers! To all those reading this and have been putting off joining a networking group - just do it! Take time out of your business to work on your business over a coffee and a chat.
    Julie Briggs
  • Every week I look forward to our Thursday morning brekky meetings. As a Chartered Accountant who loves working with businesses, I love to get a wider perspective on the issues that businesses face. Our well organised, fun, 1 hour meets are inspiring and helpful.
    I find it really valuable to have other peoples input into everyday issues.
    I love referring The Networkers people as we do what we say we will!
    Ros Brenssell
  • Fantastic Networking Group who have not only given me business support and connections but also provide such a fun and caring environment to be in every Friday morning! Highly recommend!
    Eating Fit
  • The Networkers is a very supportive network for people who work on their own. It is just like having work mates with whom you can get and share advice in a non-judgmental environment.
    Shirley Gibbs
  • I have been part of my group at The Networkers for almost 2 years now. As a new business owner I was a little apprehensive at first but soon figured out that this was a fantastic avenue to grow my business.

    The Networkers has improved my confidence as a speaker, as a professional, and as a business owner. At The Networkers you can share your challenges, successes and most importantly create great relationships, both professionally and personally.

    Thank you to Maria and to all my great 'colleagues' at The Networkers.
    Vicki Flavall
  • The Networkers has been a great and affordable way to grow my business contacts and meet new people, while having some fun at the same time. Our meetings always have a lot of laughs, and it is nice to be able to discuss any issues that may arise when working in a small business.
    Rachel Todd
  • I have a small - medium business called Blue Mercury Leadership. I have found the environment at The Networkers very Kiwi. By this I mean friendly, welcoming and inclusive. The facilitatrs are skilled and adapt to the culture of each group. Businesswise, this is a great environment to network either in your own group or with other groups within Networkers made easy by monthly speker and education options.
    Also as I am pretty much a sole trader I find having an opportunity to dicuss business issues and opportunities with a skilled set of diverse indivudials invaluable.
    Sharon Woodings
  • Such a fun loving, cheerful way to do business without even realizing! Friendships are made and business just happens naturally! Love my weekly "catch ups"!
    Tesh Crampton
  • Unlike other networking groups I've been a part of, The Networkers give you a chance to sell yourself and not just your industry. The format encourages the groups to get to know the people properly and what makes them tick, not just how much they know about insurance etc. It's given me an opportunity to explain the WHY of my business rather than the what and I've created better referral channels because of it. It's helped me play to my strengths and helped my business in a fun, friendly supportive atmosphere. It has all the obvious benefits of a networking group, but with the added advantage of being more people focused. Highly recommend.
    Matt Richens
  • I have been part of The Networkers since it began. I love the friendly support you get. Maria's dedication to her team is admirable. Such respect, admiration and loyalty is hard to come by. I have been part of two fabulous group, Tower Junction and now I go to The Tannery. It feels like a real community of genuine people sharing in our expertise, support and resourcefulness. There is flexibility and openness which allows for a really great flow at each meeting.
    Linda Dowsett
  • Nice and welcoming. Very friendly atmosphere
    Matthew Grant
  • A fantastic place for SME's to connect and grow your business.
    Sally De Las Heras
  • The Networkers is just about networking it's about supporting, and family. As a self employed sole operator it can be lonely so apart from the friendships there is a wealth of knowledge in every group.
    Dayle Hunt
  • So privileged to be working with an amazing group of people! Positive Facilitators and Members alike engage in strong synergies; give great service and quality recommendations. Meetings are fun, relaxed and informative.
    Maria Gold
  • While The Networkers are a business networking organisation, in fact it's much much more than that. Running your own business, whether you are on your own or have a team, can be a very lonely place to be. For many members The Networkers is where they come for support and encouragement (not to mention great coffee!).
    Murray Carter
  • I have been business networking with The Networkers groups for three years and counting. Through these groups I have doubled our client base year on year, and have met supporting business people with whom I now do business regularly. The weekly meetings help build this community and make passing work around fun & easy.
    Dana Dopleach