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Prue McCaughan leads the 7.30am Rolleston Networkers, a Selwyn district focused business networking group, bringing her positive attitude and passion for fostering growth to the table.

Join Prue and this awesome group at "Joe's Garage" for a coffee and relaxed chat with some great business people to start your day.

With her background in health & wellness Prue has a focus on bringing balance for businesses; helping people grow their business plus build opportunities.

Get your business out into the Selwyn community with people who care.  Come to the table with your passion, experiences, questions and opportunities and we’re sure you’ll find someone to connect with who can help and support you. 

The Rolleston Networkers are strongly focused into giving each other opportunities and have developed incredible synergies which benefit everyone. They are motivated to learn, thrive and support each other to be successful in every aspect of their businesses. Together they make an incredible team.

We have discovered that people who choose to live and do business in Rolleston-Selwyn region are passionate about their community, strongly integrated within it and have a desire to enhance and add value to it.

If you'd like to be part of a community of passionate, caring business owners come join us - complete our visit us Form and we'll be in contact -  as we'd love to meet you.


Meeting day & time
Tuesdays 7.30am

Joe's Garage Rolleston
57 Tennyson Street
Rolleston 7614
New Zealand


Prue McCaughan

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