New Years Resolutions - shown by an empty to do list

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business Growth

New Year, New Me!

Every year when the First of January rolls around people make their New Year’s Resolutions. This year have a think about what resolutions or goals you can make for your business; so your year can be better and more successful than the last.

Make your Resolutions SMART.

Specific – having specific goals makes them easier to achieve.

Measurable – being able to measure your progress keeps you motivated.

Achievable – the whole point of having goals is to achieve them.

Relevant – why would you make a goal that wasn’t relevant to your business?

Time-based – having a timeline helps keep you on track.

Be Inspirational

“I don’t write goals because [insert reason here]”
Ever heard someone say that they don’t write goals because they never achieve them, they always end up changing them, or they just don’t like to? This is where your inspiration comes in.

People often write business goals that are based on money; whether that be sales, profit, or personal income. While these things are important to keep an eye on, they might not be things that are inspiring or motivating for you. So you never end up achieving them and then feel disappointed or unmotivated.

Our suggestion is to rephrase your uninspiring business goals into something that really excites you! It could be about the people you help, your personal development, business growth, or giving back to the community.

For example, instead of “Sell X number of Y product” it could be “Change X number of lives with Y product”.

Create Personal Resolutions that Align

You are an important part of the business and it might be worth writing a few personal resolutions that relate to your business goals. This will help you align yourself with the company. If you work for a company, or as part of your business work with other companies, it’s a great idea to find out what their goals are. Discuss it with the management team and find out how your goals can work alongside the business to benefit you both.

This year, while you’re making your personal resolutions, have a go at making some for your business too.

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