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What is Business Networking and Why is it Important for a Successful Business?

What is Business Networking and Why is it Important for a Successful Business?

Whether you’re new in business or new to the workforce, you’ve probably been told to start networking. You may be wondering: What is Business Networking? And why is it important for my business and my career?


Business networking is the act of going out and meeting people, with the intention of creating business synergies and ultimately growing your business. Networking can occur anywhere; if you can find an opportunity for networking, go ahead! Keep in mind that there are situations where networking might not be appropriate, like a wedding .You’ll want to make sure the other people want to be part of a networking conversation, rather than say, eat the wedding cake.

Some common places networking can occur include:

1. Business Networking Groups

These are groups that have been organised by individuals, or specialist business networking organisations (like us!). Each organisation or group has its own format and focus, and you may find that one style suits you and your business better than another.

2. Business Events and Seminars

Events and seminars are great places to meet other business people, whether it be other people in your field at an industry event or others that are wanting to learn the same things as you at a business seminar. These events often incorporate networking into the schedule, usually in the middle or at the end. And if there’s no networking scheduled, you can always make time at the end or organise a time to meet those you connected with at another time outside of the event.

3. Social Media

The days of using Facebook purely to keep up with friends and Linkedin as a digital CV are long over! Social media is an excellent place to connect with others and network. Join a local business Facebook Group to promote yourself to people in your neighbourhood, get local knowledge, and get support. Strike up conversations in the comment section of your Linkedin Network. You can use this as a starting point to connect with 2nd or even 3rd Degree connections and keep the conversation going. You never know where Social Media Connections will lead. 


Business Networking is important for many reasons and can benefit business people at all levels of an organisation. From corporate business owners or partners, to employees, to SME business owners, to those that are self employed.

Networking is often the starting place to form and build relationships. Businesses are built upon the backs of strong, genuine relationships, and business people are often too busy running the joint to take the time to build them. Networking creates an environment where you can focus on connecting with others and creating valuable relationships naturally.

This connective environment is also a place where business people can take a step back from the day to day running of the business. You can spend some time working ON the business, rather than just IN the business. Connecting and talking with other people often inspires new ideas and strategies that you can take and develop within your own business. And you can also spend some time helping other people by sharing your ideas and strategies to inspire them.

Apart from ideas and inspiration, networking can benefit your mental and emotional wellbeing purely from being around others. Being around other business people that are in a similar boat, that care about your success and that of your business, can make a big difference, especially to people that work from home. 

And of course, one of the main benefits of business networking is getting more work! We believe that, once you’ve started building those genuine relationships, that is when the business starts rolling in. This is because, as we all know, people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. And, the more people you get to know and build trusting relationships with, the more business you get!

Business Networking, in any shape or form, is important for both business growth and personal growth. 

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