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The 4 Networkers Values: The Things that Make a Great Networking Group.

Company Values are the shared principles that guide a company, and the people that work for it. They help you define what matters to your business, keep your team on the same page, and can differentiate your business from the competition in your field. The Networkers has four main values that drive both the groups and the organisation as a whole.

These are:

  • We do what we say
  • We create opportunities for everyone
  • We give you a voice
  • We’re fun to be with

So what do these values look like in practice?

Value 1: We Do What We Say

To us doing what we say we’ll do is all about being honest, having integrity, and being respectful of others. Following through with what you say shows your network that you’re reliable and know what you’re doing, which has great benefits for your professional reputation. Doing what you say also creates trust, and people will be more likely to work with you and refer you to other people. As a member of The Networkers, you can rely on your Facilitator and the other members of your group to act with integrity and meet the expectations they’ve set.

Value 2: We Create Opportunities For Everyone

Being part of a business community is great. It offers support, collaboration, and a trusting environment for you, your business, and potentially your clients. Having a group of people there to look out for you, or even take you under their wing, can have a positive impact on both of your businesses. One of our favourite things is seeing all the different ways that the members of the groups work together to create synergies and referral systems that can help the clients of both parties. No matter which industry or role you’re in, your group is a great place for you to create opportunities and connections to set you up for further success. 

Value 3: We Give You A Voice

Our networking groups are a safe space where there is no judgement. We focus on building relationships, rather than just business promotion and referrals. Our around-the-table networking style means everyone has a chance to talk about all aspects of their business. You could talk about how you’re tracking, your successes, and the challenges that you’re facing in your business. Every week there is a presentation that is done by a member, enabling them to promote their business at a deeper level. Our members come from a broad range of professional backgrounds, and we enjoy the variety and diversity of experience that they bring to the table.

Value 4: We’re Fun To Be With

We approach our meetings in an open, relaxed and fun way. Having a positive environment where there’s no pressure helps people to feel at ease, and from there the networking flows naturally. Being able to have a laugh with each other helps you to create genuine synergies and relationships, which in turn help you to build your business. 

The cool thing about these values is that, while they mean the same thing to everyone, all of the groups adopt them in different ways. Some groups are super loud, you can hear their laughter from down the street. Others do fun activities, in their networking time and outside of it. They go out for drinks, or organise site visits at a members office, or have breakfast meetings. Each group has taken these values and run with them, sometimes in slightly different directions. But the values are still imbedded into the group so they all have something in common.

Do these values sound like your kind of networking?
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