Sidekick Selwyn - Cameron Robertson

Sidekick Christchurch is a forwards-looking accounting firm, helping customers see where they’re going rather than giving them a backwards-looking summary of where they’ve already been. Our clients love that we speak their language and make an effort to really ‘get’ what their business is about.
Cameron is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with a background in the SME environment in both Christchurch and Nelson has given him the opportunity to work with range of businesses, from investment properties, to trades, to professionals.

Our Sidekick packages are tailored for businesses of all sizes from one man bands to medium sized businesses.
Utilising the power of online computing, Sidekick’s fully-featured accounting software lets you know the state of your business every day, not just once a year at tax time.
Sidekick also does your financial paperwork, writes reports on your business, and helps you set goals to keep your business humming.

So, at the end of the day what we do is pretty simple – you tell us your goals and we help you get there. If you’re looking for a Xero Accountant in Selwyn, give us a call to so we can have a coffee and see how we can help you.